What thickness can be cut by the waterjet?
Theoretically unlimited, under the cutting head is 150mm, during adjusting the grate to 400 mm. Waterjet is not limited by material as well.

It is cheaper laser cutting or waterjet cutting?
Price is closely linked with the desired quality of cut, product complexity and number of holes. However, in general, the stainless steel sheets in thickness 5 and black sheets in thickness 12, is cheaper to cut by laser.

What is the smallest hole that you can cut out of the sheet?
By laser it is about 0,5 x thickness of sheet, waterjet handle diameter 1.4mm in any material. At cutting specific materials can go up to a diameter of 1.1 and when we use only clean water at working with jet will we can carve a hole with a diameter of 0.4 (but it is limited by soft materials such as rubber, paper, wood, polystyrene, etc.)

To what thickness of plate you are able to bend?
To 12 mm thickness of 1m in length and 6mm of 3m.

Can you bend the material without pressure marks?
With the help of a special foil we are able to bend without pressure marks.

Can you manage to produce welded steel construction length of 4 meters and weighing 1200 kg?
We are limited by the weight of 2000 kg and a length of 12 m.

Can you carve a hole in ceramic tiles for tap or socket?
Yes, but the price for one piece, given preparation of machine, is unprofitable.

I need help with coating - can you recommend me the best, or what kind do you offer?
With the adjustment of your products will be happy to advise you. We are able to arrange grinded or brushed surface on stainless steel products, as well as electroplating and hot dip galvanizing, powder epoxy wet painting in wide range of shades RAL, cataphoresis painting, etc.

Can you help us with drawing documentation alternatively design some structural solution?
Of course, our design team uses the latest version of 3D program SolidWorks and FloweXpert Design. What all we can offer for our customers, you will find in our construction offer.