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Nabízíme Vám několik možností opracování Vašich výrobků - k dispozici je brousící linka, pásová bruska i ruční broušení.

Technical parameters

fully automatic grind line Lissmac
belt grinder
manual grinders


We use fully automatic grind line for increase the quality of processing materials to the width 1,5 m. Undisputed positives are:

  • extraordinary processing product
  • making round of edges including inner contours of tin semi-finished products before lacquering
  • removing oxide layers after laser firing
  • removing burrs after cutting and shearing
  • removing corrosion layer
  • reversible grinding of stainless surface
  • during using of special grinding belts at planar products there is possibility of brushed or grinded surface
  • prolongation lifespan of lacquered parts

Professional belt grinder enables us angular and also edge grinding particularly of aluminium weldments. It is suitable primarily for working of finished welded parts. It unifies the surface of final products.

We will design for you optimal solution for saving your costs and time.