Powder painting

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Within all - embracing services which we provide to our customers we offer:

Powder painting
apply colored powder plastic - epoxy, for a wide range of shades and structures colors is this technology increasingly in demand
Wet painting
application of paint by hand, spraying or dipping, followed by drying - suitable for larger constructions
zinc electrolysis (called galvanizing) to increase the resistance of the product
especially corrosion protection standard structural steels
suitable as a final treatment or the protection below the epoxy
material retains electrical conductivity
application of colour by electrophoretic method
high quality corrosion protection
material becomes nonconductive
Hot- dip coating – dipping
special technique of dip coating in tanks at temperatures of 440-460 °C
high corrosion resistance
suitable especially for large weldments
also can serve as a final treatment
Hot-dip coating - spraying
suitable for products that cannot dive, that is closed containers
Passivation of stainless steel
Anodizing of aluminum
Grinding of stainless steel, aluminum
Chemical polishing of stainless steel

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