Waterjet cutting

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About technology

Our MACH 4 from FLOW enables 2D and also 3D cutting in unrivalled quality. Thanks to called cold cut, we transform/process essentially any kind of materials from fragile metals to very strong hardmetals.

The essence of dividing materials by Waterjet is abrading of divided material by press of Waterjet and added abraze. This process is almost the same as water erosion, but it is considerably accelerated and concentrated to the one place. The move of the cutting head and also trajectory of cutting is controlled by computer on the base in advance compiled/assembled program.

So it is possible to make also the most demanding shapes cut during the one operation. Another added value of this method is also the small material loss and high quality of cut.

Technical parameters

MACH 4 from FLOW (2D and 3D cutting)
maximum size 4000 x 2000 mm
thickness to 150 mm (alternatively to 400 mm)
any kind of materials from fragile metals to very strong hardmetals


  • foam materials, plastics, gums
  • plywood, balsa, floor coverings
  • glass, fiberglass, composites, technical and promotional plastics
  • electrical isolation, tepelně izolační hmoty - thermal insulation material
  • marble, granite, sandstone, glass, floor tiling
  • alloys of aluminium, titanium, copper, nickel; bronze
  • steel: structural, alloyed, instrumental, heat- treated, for welding with extreme hardness


  • cutting without heat influencing of cut material, called cold cut
  • it does not create micro-rifts
  • universality - Waterjet divides most of the materials even in big extent of cut thicknesses
  • technology is environment-friendly (there are no ecological unsuitable emissions, small consumption of water…)
  • little material loss due to cutting
  • system Flow Ultra Pierce for drilling brittle and laminated materials (thanks to this technology we are not limited by the size or the location of the cut holes.
  • cutting by abrasive technology, but also by clean water - applicability for soft and hard materials

We can transform/process materials by Waterjet even other technologies - we have also laser and CNC presses.

We will design for you optimal solution for saving your costs and time.